Once again our lawmakers do not seem to be listening to us. Many people have been saying we need sensible gun-control laws to prevent tragedies like in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, but our elected officials don't seem to be hearing us. They just seem to be hearing what the NRA is saying.

Most people are not anti-gun; we just want to keep some people from being able to get guns or from being able to get more than needed. Many see nothing wrong with having gun locks when there are young children around or putting guns in places where children can’t get them. I feel that's just common sense.

When Wisconsin made it so parents could get hunting licenses for young children, I felt it was wrong. I was shocked to hear people actually took out licenses for children under 1.

We need to be sensible about gun ownership to prevent more tragedies and deaths. We don’t need guns for all.

Cecilia Hill