After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, security became a paramount issue across many different industries. I recall refineries were considered potential targets.

If a small plane took off from Duluth's Sky Harbor Airport, within five minutes it could be at the Husky refinery in Superior. If a terrorist targeted the hydrogen fluoride tank there and waited for a strong east wind, more people could perish than were lost when the Twin Towers collapsed. I imagine a similar risk with a drone carrying explosives.

We all saw the billowing smoke from our refinery explosion and how far this relatively harmless smoke traveled to our southeast. Imagine a lethal brew being blown straight through Superior and into Duluth.

I don't see how any of Husky's updated safely features could prevent such a scenario. Husky can please come clean with the risks it is exposing us to.

After the close call we all had with last year's explosions, now is the time to rebuild the facility in the right way - without hydrogen fluoride.

Greg Luke