We sent Pete Stauber to Congress to stand up for our way of life here in northern Minnesota. His record in Washington shows just that. He campaigned on encouraging environmentally responsible mining, securing our southern border, protecting and preserving Medicare and Social Security, and creating a positive climate for small-businesses. Kudos to U.S. Rep. Stauber for sticking to his word and not backing down from his principles.

He's supporting PolyMet and helping Twin Metals through our strict regulatory process. He has supported President Donald Trump's administration and its demolition of bureaucratic regulations and red tape. For every new rule created, 22 have been cut.

Congressman Stauber has been to the southern border to view the humanitarian crisis and has introduced legislation to build a border wall there with Iron Range steel. He has stood up for the important programs on which our seniors rely.

When he is not in Washington, he has been working hard in the 8th District, listening to his constituents and continuing to learn about the needs of the people he represents.

We elected Congressman Stauber to work for us and that is exactly what he has done and will continue to do.

Rosemary Tarnowski