I got a laugh-out-loud kick out of the Aug. 5 letter, "Trump's words twisted again by biased media," which blamed news organizations for distorting President Donald Trump's incendiary pronouncements to advance their "anti-Trump agenda." But the letter failed to mention Fox News, the widely recognized biased mouthpiece for the president with no semblance of its claim of being "fair and balanced."

The letter said, "A free press has the obligation and responsibility to see that its coverage lacks bias and is true." So Fox News lacks bias and is true? Wow, there's a leap.

The letter also referred to the "almost psychotic hatred among Democrats and the media for all things Trump."

Unlike right-wing, white-supremacist mass shooters, I have a pretty high psychotic-hatred threshold. I just want Trump out of there because he's tearing apart the country I love and once served.

Just three more words for the word count: Vote! Vote! Vote!

Jim Heffernan