The July 22 article, “New driving school may fill a need,” spelled out the many steps a person must complete to become a driving instructor, but it also included a quote that incorrectly stated, regarding other schools, that there is a “backlog of kids from months and months of classes.” The reporter confirmed to me she did not check this statement with other schools. The reporter and her editor recommended I address this in a letter to the editor.

At my Northern Lights Driver Education school, there is no backlog; students from all over the area start behind-the-wheel lessons weekly, some coming from other schools. Northern Lights Driver Education holds smaller classes, and students get behind-the-wheel lessons in a timely manner.

Per Minnesota state law, Northern Lights Driver Educationstudents receive 30 hours of classroom training in 10 days (with a maximum three hours allowed per day); holding classes Mondays through Fridays means a minimum of two weeks to complete the course. It cannot be completed in one week. Our goal is to complete class as soon as possible with all active training, a few short videos relative to the subject being taught, in-class quizzes, group discussions, learning together, snacks, and treats.

On the Northern Lights Driver Education website is a preference that students, after getting their permit, get no more than a couple hours of practice with their parents/mentors, then schedule their first behind-the-wheel lesson for follow-through of classroom information. Northern Lights Driver Education aims to complete behind-the-wheel instruction within six to eight weeks, allowing ample practice time between lessons in preparation for license tests. Lessons are always scheduled around students’ classes and other activities.

Northern Lights Driver Education never has a backlog.

Denise McDougall