I had to read the March 23 front-page article, "Mueller files his report," twice to make sure I read it right. I did read it right. The story left out one of the most important details, that there would be no further indictments. That means there was no evidence to support anymore indictments. That, besides the end of a two-year investigation that netted no collusion indictments, was more important than anything that has been talked about in these last two years. For it to be ignored by the Washington Post story was, at the very least, egregious and a failed reporting of facts The writers need a refresher course in journalism.

I can't believe the hate, lies, innuendo, and, yes, omissions that occur daily under the guise of free speech. Remember, you can't yell "Fire!" in a crowded room if there's not a fire. Free speech has a responsibility to everyone, and we have the right to hear it all.

Just as in the Covington Catholic students debacle: it also was reported wrongly by omission and now is going to court, and I don't believe the attorney for the student at the center of the debacle is yelling, "Fire!"

Robert L. Conley


The writer is a member of the Alliance of Conservative Patriots.