In this season of rebirth, let us reflect on ways we could create a comprehensive pro-life culture.

We inhabit a planet teaming with life, yet we relentlessly rationalize ways to subjugate it to satisfy our selfish desires, routinely torturing other species for our consumption, amusement, vanity, and curiosity. What if, instead, we pursued environmentally friendly energy policies and promoted sustainable agricultural practices and the humane treatment of other species?

Humans seem determined to procreate themselves into oblivion, taking the rest of the world along with them instead of promoting interdependence over dominance. Within our own species, we favor conflict and aggression for personal gain and champion an economic system of inequality so a few can enjoy luxury while others live in squalor. We justify aggression toward one another in the name of defense instead of providing aid and a safe haven to those living in abject poverty or fleeing war and famine. Millions of children in America suffer from neglect and abuse.

We could provide education and health care for all of them, regardless of race, background, or ethnicity; keep them safe from institutionalized pedophilia; and end discrimination based on gender, gender choice, or sexual orientation.

We relegate women, the font from which all human life flows, to subservient status in society. They traditionally and physiologically bear a disproportionate responsibility for child-bearing and child-rearing, often to the detriment of other aspects of their lives. They deserve better opportunities for education and career advancement, free prenatal care, counseling, and child care support, coupled with a concerted effort to end sex-trafficking, objectification, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse. We must respect women enough to allow them to make their own personal, difficult reproductive decisions; support those choices; and create a framework in which every new birth can be planned, welcomed and celebrated.

David Termuhlen