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Reader's View: Duluth great, with or without climate change

It was a pleasure to read the March 21 story about Duluth-Superior possibly becoming a climate destination ("Destination for climate refugees? Harvard professor says as world warms, Duluth could see population bump"). I hope so. I can think of no better place to live in the United States, with or without climate change.

But a missing factor in the Harvard professor's suggestion is how the cities would deal with massive rainfall. I have done the math, so to speak, and storms are dumping and will continue to dump ever-larger rain events on the Twin Ports. This seems unavoidable.

Adaptation by the cities and their citizens to these rain events and their inevitable high winds is what will make Duluth-Superior a premier destination and a safe place to live.

In the longer run, we have to all join hands worldwide to mitigate climate problems. We must wean ourselves off carbon-based fuels such as coal, oil, and gas. We also have to manage our forests, grasslands, and oceans to maximize their carbon-capturing potentials. Any adaptation efforts to improve our drainage infrastructure will be breached by the storms of our grandchildren if, at the end of this decade, we have not put a price on carbon with the laser focus of getting it out of our air.

So, adaptation and mitigation through thought, word, and deed is the challenge. Time to start talking, acting, and petitioning our elected representatives. Notice I did not say elected "leaders." We are the leaders, and we better get used to it.

Greyson Morrow

Wakefield, Mich.

The writer is a member of the Citizens' Climate Lobby. He can be reached at