The March 16 "National View" column, "Americans are in no mood for another health care upheaval" had several falsehoods and misconceptions I would like to address.

The headline was false: 70 percent of Americans want a single-payer health care system. In the current for-profit health care system overseen by insurance companies, corporations make many decisions about who receives the health care they need and who doesn't. Wealthy conservatives are scamming the poor and middle class when they say individuals, or their families, are solely in control of their health care under the current health care system.

The cost of American health care rises around 4 percent per year, and it will cost us over $50 trillion over the next 10 years to continue as we have. We pay twice as much as what it would cost to have a single-payer plan like the Medicare for All Act of 2019. Currently, Medicare is funded by a tax. I will gladly pay that health care tax or premium to the government versus paying double "taxes" or premiums to a health insurance corporation.

Americans are tired of paying multimillion-dollar salaries to vulgarian CEOs and profits to their shareholders. Americans need health care, not wealth care. Yes, let us eliminate health insurance from American health care.

Americans pay twice as much for medicine as other countries. With every American included in Medicare for all, we the people would have enormous power to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies and medical-device manufacturers. This also would help keep health care costs down.

It will take enormous political will to get single-payer through Congress, and that starts with all of us. We need to be strong and demand that all of our representatives in Congress support the Medicare for All Act. Nothing less will do.

Jerry Witte