I feel for people who worry about climate. Living with such angst can't be fun. It almost seems as if people go out of their way to worry.

Worry about global cooling transitioned to worry about global warming which transitioned to worry about climate change which transitioned to worry about extreme weather. Which is the next worry du jour?

Climate worries rest on the assumption that climate is highly sensitive to variations in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Apparently, most scientists agree. But assumptions aren't science. Other climate scientists contend that the cause-and-effect relationship has never been established scientifically, because variables that influence climate cannot be isolated and tested. The relationship has only been assumed. Remember that scientists also assumed the Colorado River, a relative trickle, did much of the carving of the Grand Canyon and that humans evolved from primates.

Goofiness happens when God is omitted from the analysis. The Bible foretells a time of tribulation, whereby a quaking earth, a darkening sun, locust plagues, and bitter water are but preliminaries to genuine trouble.

Meanwhile, some of today's politicians lose sleep over cattle flatulence.

Worry not. There's good news. It's found in the Bible, by which you can know from where you came, why you are here, and where of the two alternatives you are going. Those who have been saved, who have trusted the finished work of Jesus Christ for salvation - apart from any works, worthiness, or merit on their part - should sleep well. For those who have not, worry is justified.

Wayne C. Anderson