As the summer tourist season gets underway, we are reminded that Skyline Parkway was Duluth's first tourist attraction, designed in the 1890s by the Board of Park Commissioners as the backbone of the city's parks system. When the original segment of the parkway, from Chester Park to Lincoln Park, was completed in June of 1891, the board members reported that, "At the present time we have a drive that is the pride of our city and one that for its picturesque and varied scenery is second to none in the world."

Today, nearly 128 years later, Skyline Parkway is still a treasured resource that has not been forgotten. The parkway is a dedicated State Scenic Byway, and the city of Duluth continues to maintain this unique drive for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors.

Last year's maintenance projects on the parkway focused on restoring the retaining walls at the overlook above 30th Avenue West and the overlook below Enger Tower. Restoration projects such as these involve many people and many sources of funding, and we appreciate everyone who worked on the projects, with special recognition to Cindy Voigt from the city of Duluth for applying for the federal Transportation Block Grant, project consultants Joe Litman and Kyle Marynik from LHB Engineering, project manager Charlie Bell with Northland Constructors, and Dave Greskej with Stretar Masonry.

Local volunteers also serve a vital role in maintaining the parkway by keeping the roadway clean. Many residents pick up trash as they walk the parkway, and various community groups organize annual clean-up days with the help of the city's parks department.

Working together, we can continue to maintain Skyline Parkway as a drive that is the pride of our city.

Nancy S. Nelson and Doug Stevens


The writers represent the Skyline Planning and Preservation Alliance.