The conventional wisdom is that the climate is warming. Why is it then that the climate is actually cooling?

That is not my opinion; the National Weather Service tracks the degree days for our region and all across the country. That data is published on the weather page of this newspaper every single day. If one cares to check, that data show that this winter has been colder than normal, as was last year as well. Just about everywhere in the region shows the same trend.

But we don't need to read data to know that this was a long cold winter. Everyone who lives here knows that. Maybe those who produced the dire Great Lakes climate change study that was reported on in the March 22 News Tribune ("Report: Great Lakes already hit by climate change effects") could just check with the National Weather Service.

As for climate migration ("Destination for climate refugees? Harvard professor says as world warms, Duluth could see population bump," March 21), assuming the study data is correct that the Great Lakes has warmed by 1.6 degrees over the years, who is going to migrate to Duluth just because, rather than being 30 below it will be a balmy 28.4 degrees below zero? As I recall, it also was 56 below zero in Cotton this winter, one of the coldest days in Minnesota history.

David H. Sorenson