Regarding the Feb. 7 story, "Wolf leave Isle Royale across ice," is the ice bridge really that rare?

We have been told the National Park Service needs to spend millions to transplant a new gene pool of wolves to the island because global warming limits the wolves' ability to get to the island on their own. Yet a wolf was able to walk from the island to the mainland not only this winter but also in the winter of 2013-'14. That same winter, wolves repopulated both the Slate Islands and Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior. These Islands are a similar distance from shore as Isle Royale.

We have been told for years that Isle Royale is special because it is in Lake Superior and has minimal impact from the surrounding area and ecosystems which have been altered by man. It took wolves almost 50 years to populate Isle Royale after the moose arrived on the island. The moose survived the 50-year span, and so did the island.

Why can't we let nature take its course and see if wolves repopulate the island on their own in the next 50 years?

Anthony Francis Bauer Jr.