It's time to do something for those who are eligible for Social Security. Noting claims of a state budget surplus and with the U.S. economy presently on a sugar high, retirees on fixed incomes need a break. U.S. inflation is running at 3 percent a year, as of August. How many of those in retirement have annual increases in benefits matching the rate of inflation?

It is needless to say that the constant creep of increasing property values is due to inflated assessed property valuations, a troubled school district, pop-up referendums, the unique taxation vehicle known as "city fees," and the sales taxes paid by residents long after tourists have gone home. These items are putting pressure on property owners.

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Let's also not forget the disturbing fact that Minnesota is one of seven states that still taxes retirees' Social Security as income.

Perhaps some attention should be paid on the many who are on fixed incomes and are falling behind. It's time to give the retirees a break.

Allan Beaulier