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Reader's View: Stauber, staff over-the-top attentive

I rarely dip my toe into the political realm, at least not in the public forum, but after reading the Feb. 6 letter, "Need Help? Call on Rep. Peterson," I felt compelled to clear the record for the sake of simple truth.

It just so happened that I had to contact U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber's office in the past few days, and not only was the staff gracious and kind, they were over the top in helping me. I even got emails from the staff in Rep. Stauber's office well into the evening. I was greatly pleased but not the least bit surprised at the attentiveness of Rep. Stauber and his staff. Kudos to them! I am certain this is a sign of things to come with constituent services and our new representative.

I have no idea where that letter was coming from because the reality is so different.

I have a unique perspective on this because before being ordained to the priesthood I was a staff member for Sen. Rod Grams; during my time with Sen Grams, my entire job was constituent services, and there were five others who did the same thing. Sen. Grams put a high premium on being attentive to the people of Minnesota, whether they voted for him or not.

In his very short tenure, and in my experience, I can say wholeheartedly that Rep. Stauber is going to be great when it comes to helping those of us who live in Minnesota District 8.

I do not write this letter to be political; I write it to expose the truth and to correct an unfair letter from a fellow reader.

Fr. Richard Kunst