The Feb. 3 article, "Minnesota Book Award nominees include Duluth ties," contained notable omissions.

First, the 36 books listed were finalists, not nominees, as the headline and story suggested in several places.

Second, if the reporter assigned to write the article had made the effort to research the finalists, she would have learned several things about my book, "Whaleback Ships and the American Steel Barge Company." The whaleback ship was invented by Duluth entrepreneur Alexander McDougall. He also founded the company that built and operated them. Forty of the 44 whaleback ships were built either in Duluth or at the site of the present Fraser Shipyard in Superior.

I am the author of the book and have made Duluth my home for almost 30 years. When I read the article, I was therefore amazed that my book was not singled out with others as among those with "Duluth ties."

C. Roger Pellett