I hate to use the word "hypocrites," but I don't know one more suitable for the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline protestors ("Four pipeline activists arrested in Itasca County," Feb. 5).

Do you suppose they walked or biked to Clearbrook, Minn.? Maybe they drove an SUV or pickup truck, burning hydrocarbons. Do you suppose they turned their natural gas or fuel oil furnaces off last week to protest consuming gas or oil? Maybe they drove to their protest on wooden wheels so as not to use rubber tires made from hydrocarbons. Do you suppose they turned off their electricity to protest the usage of gas-generated electric power from a gas pipeline?

We need to be rational folks. The U.S. consumes 19 million barrels of oil a day. The U.S. produces just under 12 million barrels per day. Enbridge is not the problem! Traffic on our freeways is not lessening. Yes, the new, more-efficient vehicles have brought our consumption down from 21 million barrels per day, but we are not anywhere near the elimination of pipelines. So why not do business with our faithful ally, Canada? It is much better to deal with a friend than with other hostile countries.

Ron Karlen

Mendota Heights, Minn.