One of the points made by the Democrats' leaders with regard to President Donald Trump's proposed border wall is that this huge amount of money would be misspent when it instead could be used for their "valuable" programs.

Using numbers picked from the press, I found that the national debt is about $22 trillion, and if you count unfunded liability it might be as much as $200 trillion. Let us just take the lower of those two numbers and compare it to the $5 billion Trump is asking for his wall. To simplify the fraction and turn it into a percentage, we can remove a like number of zeros from both the numerator and denominator and then divide the numerator by the denominator. To wit, five divided by 22,000 equals about .00023 percent. In other words, the Democratic leadership is willing to let the government be shut down over something less than a hundredth of a percent of the national debt.

This is even more dismaying when one realizes that many prominent Democrats were asking for and/or supporting walls as recently as in 2016. It rather looks as though the wall was a great idea to them until Trump wanted one.

To be clear, I do not happen to support building a wall at our southern border, but polls show that 42 percent to 68 percent of Americans do support a wall.

Nevertheless, if Democrats are going to oppose the wall, I suggest they give some believable reasons and avoid talking points easily discounted using fifth-grade math.

Dale Seppa