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Reader's View: What are Duluth attractions costing us?

The News Tribune published a story Dec. 28 regarding the estimated costs to clean up Minnesota Slip, to move and repair the William A. Irvin, and to repair seawalls ("Seawall, slip, ship to total $11M"). $11 million is a great deal of money to spend without a great deal of public discussion and input.

The cost to move and repair the Irvin has been estimated at about $1.5 million, which is equal to about six and a half years of revenue from the Irvin as a floating museum. In addition, money the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center was counting on for needed building repairs now will be spent on the seawall, slip, and ship.

We need to apply the accounting methods that make Duluth's municipal public golf courses look bad financially to other venues in the city, those other venues including the Irvin, Spirit Mountain (a great place to build lots of houses), the Lakewalk, the Great Lakes Aquarium, bike paths, and Hartley Park. This would be the only way to get a true picture of what these entities cost.

Darrel Alm