It is really too bad we don't have more judges like the late Miles Lord. He would stand up for the citizens of Minnesota and not for mining interests. He stood for Lake Superior and the people who drink its water.

Now we the people are facing another foreign corporation hellbent on industrial activities that threaten to pollute the waters of Minnesota. A Canadian company that has never operated a mine, PolyMet, in my view, is a front for Glencore, which has a dubious track record. Same old tune.

Judge Lord's name is associated with the precautionary principle, which states that if there is a chance an action could harm or destroy human health the action should be avoided.

Copper-nickel mining is different from iron ore mining. It not only uses a lot of water, it can degrade surface water and water tables. Consider the Mount Polley mine disaster.

Let's leave more than a Superfund site in northern Minnesota for our grandchildren.

PolyMet has the good science with them. It seems to want us to believe it is charmed. Minnesota might lose is title of the land of sky blue waters.

Dale Olson