If Catholic Diocese of Duluth Bishop Paul Sirba can't do no more than pray with his fellow clergy at private gatherings, it's time for him to step aside. The Dec. 2 "Priest's View" column, "Bishops, chancery officials who failed children can step aside," was crafted eloquently.

Sirba has made mistakes. We all have. However, those of us who trust in God and the understanding of others step up to say we were wrong. We do not try to cover our mistakes.

Does Sirba think the diocesan handling of the accusation against Fr. William C. Graham ("Diocese names two Duluth priests as 'credibly accused,'" Aug. 6), who had been serving St. Michael's parish, can possibly make up for the lack of action with regard to priests from years ago?

" Bishops and chancery officials who should have stopped the pain and suffering of children decided to protect themselves instead," Fr. William Fider wrote in his Dec. 2 column.

Can the same not be said of a bishop who has chosen not to stand with one of his clergy who many of us feel was falsely accused? Instead, Sirba seems to have chosen not to be confused by the truth. He didn't attend Fr. Graham's civil trial and reportedly won't consider its transcript. It has further been reported that he and others suggested that other members of the clergy not attend Fr. Graham's trial.

How is this justice? How is this Christianity? How is this truth? And how does this protect children when they see how our leaders use subterfuge to protect themselves?

As I have promised in my many letters to Sirba, I shall not stop my quest until the truth prevails.

Judith Bonovetz


The writer is a retired English teacher, a lifelong Catholic, and a former member of St. Michael's parish in Duluth.