The editor who allowed the photo of synthetic-drug use showed really bad form. The photo was with the Dec. 6 story, "Bob King retires from News Tribune"). How dare that picture be posted and published again!

The News Tribune had no idea whether the couple in the photo reformed or not. The child in the photo was put in emotional jeopardy. The child happens to be my now-8-year-old grandson, and the backlash this could and will cause him is inexcusable.

His mother, also pictured, is past this point in her life and did not deserve this unsolicited attention to a very painful part of her past - repeat, her past! How would the newspaper's editors feel if this was their child or grandchild?

This had to be the most inconsiderate, unfeeling, and self-serving piece of crap I ever read in this newspaper.

If the paper wanted to rehash Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson's effect on this city, plenty of other pictures could have been brought back. A shot of him and his business, for instance. Those who lived here during this time would have understood the reference.

Instead the News Tribune decided to depict the kids he victimized in a very poor light. Shame on the News Tribune! An apology to all affected by this photo would be the least the paper could do. Shame, shame, shame!

Wendy Kelly Lamb