Reading the Nov, 27 story, "Duluth support group offers a place to stutter freely," made me wish I had access to such a great resource during my early years.

I was interested in Kayla Haas' comment that, because of her stuttering, she was "so uncomfortable in my own skin." I was always comfortable in my own skin with my stuttering; unfortunately, other people made me feel uncomfortable because of they way they viewed stuttering. I always thought I spoke correctly, and the other 99 percent of the population did not speak correctly.

I applaud the people responsible for the Duluth chapter of the National Stuttering Association, a great organization that helps people throughout the country. Also a valuable resource for people who can't make support-group meetings is the website of the Stuttering Foundation; it provides downloadable books and brochures, as well as other valuable resources.

I hope the News Tribune's article sparks other media outlets to cover the good work being done by this support group for the stuttering community in greater Duluth.

Larry Nilsson

Red Wing, Minn.