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Reader's View: Trump's rejection of evidence disturbing

President Donald Trump's persistent refusal to accept the obvious when data conflict with his belief system is beyond redemption. Within a week, he rejected the findings of the CIA's assessment of culpability of Saudi Arabia's royal family in the murder of a Turkish journalist with the Washington Post ("Trump contradicts CIA assessment that Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing," Nov. 22), and he repudiated his own White House blue-ribbon panel report on the severity of climate change with the unreasoned response that he does not believe it ("Trump says he doesn't see climate change evidence," Nov. 28).

These rebukes were more than momentary flights from reality; the failure to accept, appreciate, and act upon these findings threaten to have grave effects on the nation and world.

The president has the right to his beliefs. But when they conflict with reality, that leads to questions about whether behaving so obtusely jeopardizes the country in a way that constitutes impeachable "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Marshall Tanick