I was baptized and confirmed at St.Michael's Church in Lakeside. The bishop is alienating several of us in the Catholic church by blackballing Fr. William Graham ("Split verdict in Duluth priest's suit against accuser," Aug. 25).

Of late, I have been impressed by letters in the News Tribune in support of Fr. Graham, a real genuine man who has taught theology at the College of St. Scholastica. He earns his own money.

I agreed with the letter that said Graham's accuser came forward in the last hours and that there had been no other complaints ever about Fr. Graham (Reader's View: "Fr. Graham didn't deserve bishop's treatment," Oct. 20). In the last hours was just in time to destroy a man's parish and career.

Graham wasn't even where the alleged abuse occurred, according to another priest and his Oct. 3 commentary, "'Yes, I am angry!': Alleged abuse did not happen."

I and my family have not enjoyed services, and I won't go back to church until Graham is reinstated. Several parishioners I know feel much this same way. A jury even sided with Fr. Graham, in my view.

I feel the church is a little too late to just put a mark on all priests going forward, and the bishop answers to our Pope. I plan on sending our Pope a letter. Many are asking him to resign from this cover-up.

I understand Fr. Graham's integrity and love of teaching. Our church and community need him. Many are standing behind this blessed man. It's the church which will lose from unproven accusations.

Please write the Duluth Diocese to share your concerns. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Lisa Lou Dunaiski