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Reader's View: Where are all the deficit hawks?

Will the real fiscal conservatives please stand up. When did fiscal conservatism come to mean uncontrolled spending, huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and "What, me worry?" about the deficit?

Where is the Republican Congress of 1994 that shut the government over spending, forcing President Bill Clinton to balance the budget? Where are Tea Party deficit hawks whose shutdowns and sequesters forced President Barack Obama to cut deficits in half from 2010 to 2016? Have long-term debt problems simply evaporated since "conservatives" control all three branches of government?

Massive deficits are often a campaign rallying cry, but once elected it's party time for the winners and debt suddenly doesn't seem to matter. Is a fiscal conservative only a politician not in power?

Candidate Donald Trump railed against deficits, saying congressmen should lose their jobs if they can't balance the budget. How does this "conservative" handle the deficit? After massive tax cuts and uncontrolled spending, the deficit almost doubled in his first year. The Congressional Budget Office projects President Trump will add almost as much to America's debt in four years as Obama added in eight.

Especially with a chief executive who has a history of taking organizations into default, Congress must step up its oversight and exert extreme pressure if we're to keep debt under control. If we can't control debt when the economy is the best ever, when can we start living within our means?

While we are enthralled by dramatic, reality-TV politics of personal destruction, who's minding the nation's purse?

Jim Furnas