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Reader's View: Political will can curb climate change

Some proponents of Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project, recently approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, state that the Minnesota Commerce Department, which recommended against approving the pipeline project, undermines its own economic goals.

On the contrary. Our Commerce Department exhibited just the sort of bold leadership we need from our government agencies and elected officials. The Department of Commerce analysis indicated that there is no need for a new Line 3 pipeline and further that the current aging Line 3, instead of needing replacement, could be shut down.

Not only is this pipeline not needed, building a new one will add to the negative environmental and subsequent economic impacts of global warming. Instead of building more infrastructure for the continued dependence on fossil fuels, we need to take aggressive steps now toward a conversion to alternative, greener sources of energy.

Additional support for this perspective comes from the recent United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Its new report, the "1.5 Degree Report," says global emissions need to decrease 45 percent by 2030 for us to avoid some of the catastrophic consequences of global warming, be it devastating storms, drought, disease, or poverty. The report shows that this sort of decrease is possible within the laws of physics and chemistry. What is needed is the political will.

We need all of our leaders to step up now before it is too late.

Jeff Mosner

Park Rapids, Minn.