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Reader's View: Ignoring climate change is folly

How long can one person keep his head in the sand about climate change? President Donald Trump, on "60 Minutes," claimed that climate scientists have an agenda. He was right. Their agenda is to find out the truth about climate change to try to prevent any catastrophic consequences to future generations. Does anyone really think the vast majority of climate scientists suddenly decided to abandon their integrity by engaging in a vast plot to destroy our economy? Only a paranoid mind like Trump's could conceive of such a ridiculous idea.

This display of idiocy comes right after Hurricane Michael devastated the town of Mexico Beach in the panhandle section of Trump's beloved Florida. That was only the latest in a series of devastating storms to hit our country in recent years. There was Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, Sandy in New York in 2012, and Harvey in Houston in 2017. All were massively destructive storms resulting in major losses of life. This is just what global warming would predict, since warmer ocean water is the engine that fuels a hurricane's growth.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just issued a report endorsing the view of the vast majority of scientists that human activities are playing a major role in climate change and that we must restrict the burning of fossil fuels.

The short-term profits of the energy companies do not override the necessity of preserving a clean and healthful environment for future generations.

The question of whether human activities contribute to climate change is not a political or philosophical question. It is a scientific one. It would be the most reckless folly imaginable to gamble with the future of the planet by ignoring what the climate scientists are telling us.

James J. Amato