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Reader's View: Kavanaugh investigation was a sham

Degradation is now the norm. Anyone who can demoralize, insult, ridicule, embarrass or abuse physically or mentally can sustain the pathway to his or her own objective.

Women now can be considered as nothing more than objects of men. Third rate. How in the name of God could the FBI, after allegations stalled the Supreme Court nomination process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, have done a thorough investigation in just a week and without questioning the most-pertinent witnesses? That final investigation of Kavanaugh was a cover-up of facts, a sham.

President Abraham Lincoln once used similarly distasteful tactics to make a political opponent break down and cry. Realizing the immense wrong he had done, he went to the man later and apologized, asking him for his forgiveness.

We are supposed to be the United States of America. Not anymore. The administration of President Donald Trump is wholly divisive and corrupt.

Kavanaugh's accuser took a polygraph and passed. Why didn't Kavanaugh? What did he have to fear? The truth.

Trump was a laughingstock when he addressed the United Nations and made the claim that he accomplished more in two years than any presidents before him.

Why not give Trump a polygraph? It would probably register like a 10 on the Richter Scale.

Paul A. Fleming