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Reader's View: Duluth can pay for its own white elephants

I'm trying to figure out who is running the show over there in Duluth.

Years ago when the Fond du Lac Band put a casino in downtown Duluth it was with the promise of $6 million a year or so in casino profits for the city. Well, apparently the band had better lawyers. That profit-sharing is now gone.

Duluth has the Great Lakes Aquarium, which historically has been a money vortex.

Now another Lakewalk catastrophe. The city built a walking/biking/jogging/whatever trail alongside one of the most powerful lakes in the country. Time after time it gets wiped out or beat to death. And again and again Duluth rebuilds it. The price tag now is, what, more than 20 million? Of course every time it's damaged, Duluth applies for emergency funding from the state. Really?! Why doesn't the city instead let all the folks who want to skip, walk, or trot down the trail pay for a $50 wristband every year, and let the state use its emergency money for real emergencies?

Or Duluth could always go after the aging refinery in Superior with houses built all around it and lawsuits against it for some of the most insane things. Heck, I thought I smelled smoke over here, and my shingles look funny.

Anyway, keep up the good work — and let the taxpayers in Duluth (and Superior) pay for all white elephants raised there.

Lee Moeller