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Reader's View: Up to Democrats to responsibly fix climate

When Republican Sen. Bob Dole from Kansas first heard about global warming 30 to 40 years ago, he thought it was an issue that deserved attention. Then he learned what it would cost his state to change its priorities and fix everything. Global warming immediately became improbable.

Republicans and fossil-fuel industries have been kicking the climate-change can down the road ever since, rightly figuring they'd get the blame if they told people what it would cost to fix. They've ignored and denied it, so Democrats now get the responsibility of doing the necessary thing.

The UN climate change report says we have until 2030 to cut carbon levels by 45 percent (and 100 percent by 2040) or the Earth won't be fit to live on for humans. The (current) estimated cost to fix the planet is $54 trillion, including how much the latest hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyclones are costing people around the world to rebuild. Costs will continue to rise because storms will get more severe.

The richest 1 percent don't care because their bunkers await them. The more stress people feel in their struggle to survive, the more they'll destroy each other. There'll be fewer people to control when the climate stops changing.

Mining sounds like a good intention until one considers the consequences of how much more carbon it puts into the atmosphere from men driving to work and running fossil fuel-based machinery. Multiply that by the number of people going to work and play everyday in fossil-fuel vehicles.

Republicans don't mind change — as long as someone else (the public) pays for it. We wouldn't need regulations if corporations and the rich held themselves monetarily accountable for the consequences of their decisions, climate change being one.

Gary Burt