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Reader's View: Don't record violence, help the victim

In 1964, in New York City, a young woman named Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in view of her apartment building. Many people witnessed or heard the murder, but no one came to her aid or called police.

Currently, we see videos of horrific attacks on people recorded by someone on a cellphone and then posted to Facebook, etc. While I'd like to think they called police before recording, perhaps for evidence, I always wonder why they didn't they step in. We often see bystanders in these videos; again, I wonder, why is no one helping? Another human being is being injured, maimed, or killed in their sight!

Fear of injury is something we have ingrained in us; it's a scary thing to take a stand, but I challenge anyone faced with a chance to save somebody to do it. I challenge myself and hope I am the kind of person who cares more for the safety of another than a social-media feed. Do something. Be a peacemaker. Be someone's answer to their cry for help.

Mary F. Lee