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Reader's View: Be very afraid

I don't recall a darker time in modern-day American politics than these final days of Campaign 2018.

We now describe political parties as "tribes" and portray people as "angry mobs." Journalists are mocked as "enemies of the state." Our president described himself as a "nationalist" until someone advised him it was unwise to compare himself with Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin.

The president now tweets daily warnings of a brown-skinned caravan with some Middle Eastern criminals mixed in descending on our southern border. Since Oct. 24, at least 14 explosive devices were mailed to two former presidents and other Democrats.

I am afraid of what has happened to "we the people" and our decency and morality. The resilience of our democracy and people's fundamental rights are under assault, not by some "deep state" or "shadow government" but by us.

Elections have consequences: the power to change our Supreme Court and actions that lower pollution standards, remove protections for workers and disabled Americans, and separate families and builds camps for immigrant children. We have leaders who dispute climate science; are intent on denying pre-existing health conditions from insurance coverage; are likely to deny women's reproductive rights and rights to transgender Americans; and look to reduce Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits to offset the exploding national deficit brought about by trillion-dollar tax cuts for the extremely well-off among us.

The list of transgressions is long, but we have the power to fight the policies that demonstrate a disregard for and that are callous and hostile to the fundamental principles upon which our democracy was founded. We can reject the extremists intent on undermining our fundamental freedoms by exercising our right to vote. I strongly urge you to choose wisely on Nov. 6.

Michelle Lee

Moose Lake