The St. Louis County Board said board member and congressional candidate Pete Stauber's emails were nothing and wanted the issue to go away. I have an easy remedy for that. If they're nothing and as inconsequential as claimed, Stauber could prove this by releasing them. Otherwise people are going to wonder why. What is being hidden?

Same as President Donald Trump refusing to release his tax information. What is he hiding? Unfair? Maybe, but that's the reality.

When one goes into politics and public life, they and their activities are always more closely scrutinized. Being truthful, lawful, and respectful of others will be expected by those they represent and work for.

Onto respect: I was concerned by the disdain shown by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh toward Sen. Amy Klobuchar. That was uncalled for and inexcusable, especially for someone in his position. Was this disdain to her as a woman or as a Democrat? Or both?

It's moments of stress such as this that a person's true feelings and prejudices often are revealed and not covered up, as in the carefully monitored public discourse that happens everyday.

This show of disdain by Kavanaugh concerned and frightened me because he was looking for a lifetime position in which he will arbitrate final law for all of us, the whole nation.

LaVerne Hornby