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Reader's View: Things are bad when Democrats look good

Some people can't see far enough past President Donald Trump's character flaws to realize how far left this country has been allowed to deteriorate under the watchful eyes of past presidents with feel-good, politically correct demeanors. Past administrations progressively led us where we are today by paying more attention to the fringe elements of our society and by twisting the true nature of the greatness of our republic, as imperfect as it might be, to forever end our capability to move toward a better union.

Attempting to redefine our country's founding principles has stranded political discourse at a crossroad of utopia and total anarchy, with no in-between, leaving society addicted to fighting itself over its next social-media-click fix.

If anyone thinks the solution will be painless, they're living in a dream world. The president, like any other citizen, has a constitutional right to fight back against the social media-enhanced "untruth spin machine." He also has a right to his opinion, same as anyone else. Is it really that President Trump is so bad, or is it something else?

The 2016 vote was a lesser of two evils. The greater good prevailed, and the truth regarding sickness within our republic was painfully revealed, with no apparent end in sight.

The jury's still out, but the election result looks like a frame job by Democrats and the administration of President Barack Obama. Without President Trump, we wouldn't know about the corruption, hatemongers, and lawbreakers embedded in our government, a real and present danger to our republic.

Demonizing Trump voters, like Hillary Clinton and at least one News Tribune writer did, shows no understanding of the constitutional right to vote.

Next time you vote, imagine how bad things need to become for Democrats to look good again.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minn.