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Reader's View: Election, Mueller will expose Trump, Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is clearly not fit to be on the Supreme Court. He lacks moral character, temperament, and unbiased judgment.

Judge Kavanaugh was desperately wanted by President Donald Trump. Trump knows judgment day is coming as soon as the November election is over and the Democrats are able to start impeachment against him for collaborating with Russia to cheat and win the presidency, a job for which he is totally unfit and unqualified.

Kavanaugh seems to have an agenda to protect Trump and his son and son-in-law and to reverse Roe v. Wade.

Our Founding Fathers gave lifetime appointments to Supreme Court justices. But in the 1700s, people didn't live much past their 60s, with few exceptions. Service on the Supreme Court should be limited to eight years, the same as the presidency. Senators also should have term limits. Some of these controlling, old, way-past-their-prime men, like Sen. Mitch McConnell, need to be gone.

They are from another era when "women knew their place," were considered second-class citizens, were under the thumbs of their fathers and then their husbands, and had no control over their own bodies. Those days are gone forever.

Women control their own lives now, their bodies, and agenda — and they are a huge voting bloc. Remember: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

The November election will be a referendum on which direction our country is headed.

Trump is a disgrace to the rule of law. When Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is finished, the world will see what a sham his presidency has been, and it clearly will show the collusion with Russia.

Cheryl Jaros