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Reader's View: Stop delaying police-equipment purchase

How much more discussion is needed to resolve the question of protective gear for Duluth's police offers? It would appear that the real goal of the various communities cited as in opposition is only to permanently table the resolution ("Council tables riot gear resolution," Sept. 25).

They refer to an increase in police/military-type power and disproportionate level of enforcement. Might the level of police "violence" be more related to disproportionate requirements for police involvement?

One interested community group suggested more dialogue to discuss the need for purchasing riot gear. Using incendiary words like this seems to bring out the usual groups and guarantees that the discussion becomes an irrational and unsolvable political event.

The reality is that the everyday nature of police work has changed from what many of us remember. As an example, just controlling the illegal drug culture and handling attempted murders in this area have made the police job more hazardous and difficult to lay out all the ground rules for the use of the protective gear.

Mayor Emily Larson was correct in deciding that sufficient time has been granted for realistically discussing the policy. She clearly backed the police chief. I hope her final caveat, "at this time," was not just an attempt to straddle the fence.

Edward Holmbeck

Fletcher, N.C.