Freedom of speech is under attack in Duluth. My Republican lawn signs repeatedly have been attacked this election season. First, the hardware was removed from two of my signs, and they were left lying on my lawn. Then some of my signs became slanted. Finally, on the afternoon of Aug. 28, seven signs were stolen from my yard.

People in Duluth live in fear of saying something that might offend someone. Twice, a pickup has followed me home. Perhaps the driver didn't like the bumper stickers on my vehicle. Intimidation is illegal.

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The unions in Duluth dominate School Board and City Council elections, which are supposed to be nonpartisan. Unions should not be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.

Signs are an expensive part of a campaign. Nine signs at $50 each are a theft of $450.

My signs supported people of the highest integrity who have the qualifications for the offices they are seeking. If the candidates the thief supports cannot win fairly, they do not deserve to win.

Caroline Burley


The writer is the Republican candidate for Minnesota House District 7B, challenging Rep. Liz Olson.