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Reader's View: Seek answers to be an informed voter

The editorial board of the News Tribune can be thanked for setting an example of transparency. (Our View: "Editorial board back to full strength," Aug. 13). Transparency is a key to newspapers, strengthening democracy. From editorial recommendations and ideas come citizen feedback and dialogue.

In the coming election, citizens can take initiative by asking candidates questions.

For example, how do they plan to put an end to hunger in America? The current Farm Bill is different between the House and the Senate. Which candidates favor the House version that would cut nearly 2 million Americans from help putting food on the table? And which favor the Senate version that keeps the program working as it is now?

The United Nations is holding a high-level meeting on tuberculosis for the first time next month. How do candidates see America's role in battling the world's No. 1 infectious killer that is spread through the air?

Answers to questions like these add to our understanding of what candidates believe and might do if elected.

So let's join the News Tribune in doing our part to be informed voters.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.