Since moving to London Road a year ago this past January, my wife Carol and I have noticed the often-heavy and excessively speedy traffic coming in both directions between the traffic lights at 26th Avenue East and the lights at 40th Avenue East.

I have felt for some time that the tendency to speed between these two stops was due, in large part, to having Interstate 35 feed into London Road from the west and run into Minnesota Highway 61 going east.

About a year after writing an opinion in this paper about this situation (Reader's View: "Lights could slow London Road traffic," June 23, 2017), there could be more traffic difficulties on the horizon. A large condominium project, totaling 51 units, is to be built on a portion of land between 26th and 40th avenues east. This will only add more cars and congestion.

I am sure city officials have a leg or two up on this even before OK'ing the purchase of this land for future construction. Also, because the feds and the state of Minnesota have dogs in the fight, what with Interstate 35 connected on the west and state Highway 61 to the east, their cooperation should be sought in helping to solve a possible traffic dilemma on London Road.

Ron Trethewey