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Reader's View: It's just summer noise coming from Bayfront

I am writing in response to the Aug. 5 story, "Neighbors contend with noise from Bayfront's growing popularity."

I, too, dislike when I am sitting on my porch in the Kenwood neighborhood, enjoying my evening, and then there is loud music coming from below. This bothersome noise persuades me to go inside to drown it out.

However, I recognize it as summer noise. Where I grew up, there were car races every Friday night in the summer. We would hear the races all over the community. There were many people who complained about it while others opened their windows to listen. But the one thing we all did was accept it. We accepted it as summer noise.

Daily noises disrupt our lives: airplanes, lawn mowers, cars, motorcycles, neighborhood parties, nearby stadiums, or local concerts. We have no control over when these occur or how loud they will be. However, we do have control over how we respond.

I am proud to call Duluth my home. This is a place that encourages local musicians of all genres to share their love and talent. As I go inside to find my personal solitude, I know that down in Bayfront is a community of my fellow Duluthians enjoying a summer evening.

Kalina Groothuis