Regarding illegal children: the U.S. needs to help U.S. first.

The U.S. may be a kind, helpful, and generous country, but we also are deep in debt and our needs are far from being met.

Veterans are homeless and can't get help. Our own people are homeless and in poverty. Taxes are out of control. Most of us don't get free housing and health care. And if you need help, you have to sell anything of value. I could write a book on what's wrong with this country.

I feel sorry for the kids at our border with Mexico, but my solution is: If their parents brought them over illegally, ship them all back together. I believe border laws should be tougher and border guards should be allowed to do their jobs. Illegal immigrants should stay and fight for their countries and not abandon them.

Those who think illegal kids should be allowed to stay, unless they personally plan on supporting them, they can zip it. I'm fed up.

Cindy Kilman