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Reader's View: Under Trump, no one listening

It seems those people who have struck a devil's bargain by supporting a Trump presidency do not realize what kind of deal they have received. In an apparent attempt to get even for having a black president twice and for allowing homosexuals to marry, supporters of President Donald Trump have seated a man who would be king — or, at least, president-for-life.

Let them watch as Trump methodically dismantles the Constitution, antagonizes our 200-year border allies, rebukes our European trade partners, and climbs in bed with Russia and North Korea.

Some supporters go so far as to say Trump was ordained by God to do these things. If that is true, then God must want a despot ruling and our nation headed into some future catastrophic war.

To say liberals are out-shouting conservatives: first of all, it's not true; we're all yelling. Second, nobody seems to be listening.

Ray Allard