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Reader's View: Concerns at lynching memorial not isolated

After reading about a founder of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial blaming the city for its neglect ("Founder: Memorial neglect 'disrespectful'," July 7), I just wanted to point out he seemed to be wrong on some things.

First, the Carter Hotel building is owned by the Fond du Lac Band, and the city tried with no luck to prevent the band from taking it over. As for the other vacant building that housed a pawn shop, I don't know who owns it.

Two, as for trash around the memorial: it's like that all over the city. I see people standing around there when I walk by. I seem them eating, drinking, smoking, and throwing their garbage on the ground at the memorial. Maybe if there were more trash cans, there there might be less garbage on the ground.

As for the burned-out former Kozy Bar building across the street: I agree it's an eyesore and something should be down about it, but I don't want to see it torn down for another parking lot, like some people have suggested.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say that while I understand the frustration of one of the memorial's founders, it's hard for the city to do everything he wants done due to a lack of funds.

Also, I'd like to point out that other memorials have had similar problems; the Viking ship that used to be displayed in Leif Erikson Park is still waiting for much-needed repairs.

Cecilia Hill