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Reader's View: Diversity made ours a great nation

As you evaluate President Donald Trump's visit to the Northland, perhaps you might consider his recent words about immigrants who are mostly seeking asylum on our southern borders as potentially "infesting" our country — as if immigrants seeking a better way of life in our country are vermin.

My father, a child of Swedish immigrants, was raised in Duluth. I was raised on the Iron Range where, with the exception of Native Americans, we were all children or grandchildren of immigrants. Our families were from Finland, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Serbia, Scandinavia, and other parts of the world. Even though many did not speak the same language, we learned to communicate with each other to work in the mines and to build their communities.

Our nation always has been a beacon to the world, opening our doors to those who wished to work to make better lives for themselves and their families.

We should be very skeptical of rhetoric that seeks to divide and separate our humanity and pit one against the other — because our diversity made us the best nation in the world.

Coleen Carlstedt-Johnson

Brooklyn Park, Minn.

The writer grew up in Eveleth.