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Reader's View: Money is there to pay more to health workers

Essentia Health's planned $800 million private investment to expand in Duluth goes to show what's really wrong with health care, its for-profit idea, and its million-dollar paydays for top executives who do nothing.

I suspect many health facilities treat but don't cure because there is no money in curing. This needs to end. If Essentia and other companies like it have that much money, how about paying their workers more and offering them better benefits? How about providing better health care at a lower cost? If Essentia can run around and pay to slap its name on everything, then it can do more for its workers.

Hospitals and other health care facilities all should be nonprofit for humanity and care, and no executive should be paid the money executives now are making for doing nothing but sitting and talking all day while real workers work.

It's so sad to profit from treating but not curing people.

Robert Poissant