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Reader's View: Lawmakers snub street tax: vote 'em out!

That Duluth Major Emily Larson had to go begging many times to St. Paul to get the street tax accepted by the Minnesota Legislature was degrading and demeaning ("Duluth strikes out on sales tax," May 22).

That was not democracy at its best. Our Legislature is obviously very self-absorbed and extremely arrogant not to find time to pass such a small and no-brainer item as Duluth's sales tax for street repairs.

In the past lawmakers passed items to make blueberry the state muffin and to regulate hot dish. This session they took their precious time to congratulate the Olympic curling team.

But they couldn't find time to vote on Mayor Larson's street tax. I think they owe her and the city of Duluth an apology.

In fact, why don't voters just vote those self-centered politicians out of office and put in people who really care about their constituents?

Ronald L. Johnson