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Reader's View: Radinovich listens, will tackle tough issues

Joe Radinovich is running to become the 8th District DFL candidate for Congress. Having run Rep. Rick Nolan's campaign, Radinovich is familiar with and knowledgeable about many of the important issues before us. He is not afraid to tackle tough issues like gay marriage, as he did while serving in the Minnesota House.

Radinovich supports affordable health care access through a single-payer system. He will make sure no one chips away at the earned benefits of Social Security and Medicare. He values the right of everyone to be safe in their communities, understanding that gun rights and strong gun laws can coexist.

Radinovich shares the values of the 8th District, from those who have enough to those who need our help and those of all faiths, sexual orientations, races and colors. He values education, knowing how difficult it is for families to afford child care and knowing the prohibitive costs of college tuition.

Radinovich supports stronger early-childhood programs, a strong and well- funded education system, and free tuition for two years of community college.

Radinovich will not take corporate political-action-committee money. If elected, he will change the dark-money influence in our political system.

Radinovich listens. Please listen to him.

Joan Peterson