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Reader's View: World isn't ending, just changing

Change is scary, but all my life the world has been changing. From making bird-berry soup in the yard to playing monkey video games to owning an iPhone, from the bowling alley becoming a Walgreens and the animal shelter moving and Taco Bell taking its place, all my life technology has been taking strides. And Cloquet's landscape has been altering.

So, honestly, I haven't been around long enough to know how strong and long Younkers' reign has been. But I hear Younkers' fall is scary.

However, don't worry yourself to tears. The world isn't ending, just changing. If jobs are taken by technology then different jobs requiring a human touch will just have to be found. For example, skilled jobs like plumbing or welding, STEM jobs like engineering, and nurses are in demand.

My generation is growing up in this world of advanced technology, and we'll take it on like every generation before us has taken the world on.

Abby Johnson