Those who believe our Constitution is infallible are ignoring its 27 amendments. The Constitution is a framework - not a finished product, as the NRA wants you to believe. The Constitution has had to be continuously interpreted by the Supreme Court throughout our history.

The 1st Amendment guarantees the freedom of speech, but not all speech is permitted without penalty. It is illegal, for example, to libel a person or falsely shout, "Fire!" in a theater. The 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear arms, but not all arms are protected. In 1934 the sensible people of the United States basically outlawed the "Tommy gun" for private use and ownership. Strike one, NRA.

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The National Rifle Association knows this but yet wants you to believe there should be no restrictions curtailing the ownership of military-type weapons. My response is, "cow pie!" A corollary to this NRA belief is that once an "arm" is outlawed the sensible people of the U.S. will outlaw the rifle and then the handgun and so on. False. The only other attempt to control ownership was the 10-year ban on AK-47-type weapons that was foolishly allowed to expire. We have seen the results of that disastrous decision. Strike two, NRA.

When all else fails, the NRA seems to want you to believe that outlawing military-type weapons for private use will "not solve the problem," the problem being the killing of innocent people. Yep, hasn't stopped since Cain killed Abel. This is the same as saying, "Even though there are speed laws, people will disobey; therefore, we did not solve the problem. So why have speed laws?"

It seems the NRA cannot understand that reducing the slaughter is a worthy cause. Strike three; you're out, NRA.

Burleigh K. Rapp